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AOA maknae Chanmi talks about the doubts that she had with regards to being an idol.

On the recent broadcast of AOA’s variety show, “Channel AOA,” Chanmi gets emotional as she talks about the hardships that she faced.

She reveals, “Even though we have won first place with the song ‘Mini Skirt,’ and had the album jacket photos for ‘Short Hair,’ I was really frustrated. I thought a lot about whether this image is what I really wanted for myself at this age and what I should I have done was to talk about it with the other AOA members. However, I was young and immature. I thought that I should just get out of here instead, which is why I ran away.”

AOA leader Jimin then ran after her and brought her back safely to their dorm.

Choa then shares her thoughts by saying, “I started to work as an idol after entering college and I thought that since I am doing what I love, I would endure it even when it gets difficult. However, for Chanmi, it was not the case. If you look at it, she has made a big decision too early.”

Chanmi then says, “Everyone, running away is not the answer. You would eventually return. The inside is nice. There is no one like the members.”


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