Home » AOA stated: They have no income yet on ‘Cultwo Show’


For at least 3 years after their debut, AOA haven’ t received any monetary return  from FNC Entertainment, their agency. They have hits like Miniskirt, Short Hair and Like a Cat.

On Nov 25th broadcast of SBS Power FM’s ” Culttwo Show”, AOA revealed how busy they were because of their various performances.

DJ Jung Chan Woo mentioned, “I saw AOA’s ChoA at a rest stop. She was so beautiful despite the fact that she had no makeup on… Why do you go around rest stops with no makeup?”
ChoA answered, “Because we’re performing at events every day, I want to rest at my dorm, so I [save time by] removing my makeup in the van. I have to take it off during that time, so I can have the energy to go perform again tomorrow,” 
DJ Kim Tae Kyun asked, “What does your boss buy you guys? I feel like he has to look after your health too.” Jimin replied, “He bought us beef one time,” and ChoA added, “Once in 3 years, but we got an allowance last time.” She confessed, “We don’t have an income yet. We each got an allowance that allows us to buy a set of clothes.”

(translated by allkpop)