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SECRET member Sunhwa’s recent tweet leaves fans wondering about the possible discord in the group.

Previously, rumors and speculations regarding a conflict between members Sunhwa and Hana have surfaced after Sunhwa’s tweet about Hana’s comments regarding her drinking habit.

TS Entertainment has then spoken up regarding the rumors and clarified that there were no conflicts regarding the Sunhwa and Hana and that Sunhwa only made the tweet out of concern for Hana as she might be misunderstood by fans.

Recently, SECRET member Hyosung appeared in MBC talk show “Radio Star” in their special segment ‘Steal Your Gaze! Summer Girl’ along with SISTAR member Soyou.

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In the show, Hyosung clarifies the issue of a possible conflict between the two members, “Sunhwa wrote her tweet not because she wants to target Hana but because people might misunderstand Sunhwa’s drinking habit.”


Hyosung also added that the members actually have a close relationship.

However, after the “Radio Star” episode had aired, Sunhwa has left some ambiguous words on her twitter account. She writes, “I was falling asleep but awake now… That is not what it is.”

Netizens believe that Sunhwa’s words are in response to what Hyosung had said on the show. They wonder if Sunhwa meant that what Hyosung said is not how things really are.

Other netizens have also responded to her tweet and said that she should not post such things which may cause rumors and speculations.


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