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On the latest episode of ‘Real Men”, f(x)’s Amber shed tears once again  and confesses that she is afraid to be alone.

During the program, Amber as well as her peers shed tears as she confesses, I don’t like being alone. You can’t survive alone, so I don’t want to be alone.”

When she was asked by the training officer, “Why can’t you live alone?” Amber truthfully replied, “I need help. There are so many things that I don’t know yet there are so many challenges. And because I have so many faults, I need help. I will keep working hard with the help that I receive [from my peers].

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Amber’s sincere confession left her comrades in tears as they were the ones who fully understood the situation that Amber was in the most. As the female soldiers went through physically and mentally draining challenges, Amber revealed that the first person that comes to mind was her sister, who stood by Amber’s side during her hard times.

However, with the support of her comrades, Amber overcame her fears of being alone and successfully crossed the river.

Meanwhile, in an earlier episode of ‘Real Men,’ Amber burst into tears while confessing that she is having a hard time because of the language barrier and cultural differences, especially during training. Amber also stated that she was hesitant in asking for help in fear of consequences that her peers might face while trying to help.

Check out Amber’s tear-jerking confession from the latest episode of ‘Real Men’ above.