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The sibling duo Akdong Musician asks YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk to let them release a new album.

On November 3, Akdong Musician appears on the special video in the SBS Facebook page for “K-Pop Star 5.” They were asked as to what they would have done if the indie record label Antenna Music had been around in the season 2 of the show. Older brother Lee Chan Hyuk answers that he would still go to YG, while younger sister Lee Su Hyun reveals, “I would have thought a lot about it.”

Chan Hyuk further reveals, “I like YG. President Yang Hyun Suk is really good to us.”

His sister then says to him, “Are you trying to get brownie points from the president?” When her brother admits to it, Su Hyun then says cutely to the camera, “Please, let us release a new album!”

After Chan Hyuk continues to praise YG, Su Hyun then jokes, “This is why Yoo Hee Yeol (founder of Antenna Music) feels hurt and would not accept your greetings.”

To this, Chan Hyuk reponds, “But Yoo Hee Yeol does not release our albums.” Su Hyun then laughs while saying, “I think we have to delete this.”

Akdong Musician won the second season of “K-Pop Star,” they joined YG Entertainment in 2014 and debuted with the album “Play” which has three lead tracks, “200%,” “Melted” and “Give Love.”

Meanwhile, Akdong Musician would be guest judges on “K-Pop Star 5,” the show is set to premiere on November 22.


Are you anticipating for Akdong Musician’s new album?