Home » A Pink’s Eunji talks about paying off her family’s debt and her solo debut

On her recent photo shoot and interview with fashion magazine Grazia, Eunji talks about paying off her family’s debt and her solo debut.

Eunji reveals that her solo debut track, “Hopefully Sky” was written for her father by saying, “My Father lives away from home. Since he does architecture work overseas, I thought that I should do something for his birthday. I wrote the lyrics about my father and sent it to him. My CEO then saw it and said, ‘Hey, let’s go with this. It is nice.’”

The A Pink member also reveals that the happiest moment after her debut was paying off her family’s debt. She reveals, “When I asked my mother for an allowance in the morning, there were a lot of times when I saw her completely emptying out her wallet. I also saw her cry for a lot of times. I thought that once I have money, I would pay off the debt so that we could live without any worries. The time for it came unexpectedly and I gradually paid off the interest and then the principal. Everything was paid off exactly.”

She adds, “After her honeymoon, my mother was not able to return to Jeju Island, so we all went to Jeju Island. You know how mothers eat seaweed soup after giving birth? So, I set up a table for my mother and pushed the bankbook towards her, and she cried. We embraced each other and cried together.”

Meanwhile, Eunji released her solo debut single “DREAM” on April 18.

Grazia Eunji