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On the Chuseok special of “Great Inheritance,” A Pink member Bomi was seen bursting into tears after she was told by the doctor that she only had a few months left to live if she continues her lifestyle.

In the show, Bomi goes for a health checkup, however the producers of the show have set up a scenario where Bomi was told that she only has three months left to live. The A Pink member then starts to get emotional and is given a note from the doctor which reads, “Bomi, are you surprised? Do you remember what you have written in your medical examination?”

Bomi GI 1

It was then revealed that Bomi sleeps around 6 hours a day and works for 12 hours a day. Bomi’s life expectancy was revealed to be actually 62 years, while the three months is about the total time she has left to spend with her family with the estimated 62 years.

Bomi GI 2

As she was shocked by the amount of time she had spent alone versus the time she has spent with her family, Bomi bursts into tears and came to realize that she has to spend more time with her family instead.

When she was asked as to which family member she would want to spend her time with, Bomi answered, “My mother. She owns a supermarket nearby. I believe that she never have time to spend elsewhere because of it. If I am able to help my mom at the store, I would think that she would have more time for herself.”