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Girl group 4Minute talks about their concerns for their comeback track “Hate.”

On the recent showcase for 4Minute’s 7th mini album, “Act.7,” the group reveals their thoughts on their comeback song and working with Skrillex.

Sohyun reveals, “At the start, we were worried that the song would sound too contrasting and thought that the performance for the song would be important. We paid special attention to the song and when we listened to it for the second time, we thought that it was good and hope that everyone would think the same.”

Jihyun also reveals, “Since EDM is not really a music which you sing, there were people that thought that it would be difficult to write lyrics, however, we discussed the matter with the composers for three days and we exchanged emails with them while we were in the States.”

The group also talks about their album showcase being held in a night club, to which Jihyun reveals, “Our managers take care of securing locations for us. We do like clubs, but we also like any kind of place as long as there is a stage.”

Jiyoon also adds, “Since Skrillex does a lot of events at clubs, it is the place where EDM is the most familiar. We thought that it would be appropriate to hold our showcase here.”

Sohyun also jokes, “We do not like clubs that much and it is our first time to come to Octagon.”

Jihyun then adds, “Unlike our image, we just like to simply hang out by ourselves.”


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