2AM member Jinwoon reveals that his heart was broken over the news of Park Soo Jin and Bae Yong Joon’s wedding this year.

On the recent broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s radio show “Lady Jane’s 2 O’clock,” 2AM’s Jinwoon appeared as a guest DJ.

LJ 2oclock

In the show, he plays quiz with Lady Jane to have the listeners guess the identity of his crush.

Lady Jane asks Jinwoon to give out hints for the listeners and asked him what he likes about his crush, to which Jinwoon responds, “I haven’t really met them in person, I just think that they look very lovely.”

Jinwoon’s response made Lady Jane laughed and she asked, “Are they your ideal type?”. “Not really, but I would like to go on a date with them,” Jinwoon responds.

Lady Jane then revealed, “I heard your heart was broken recently.”

Jinwoon smiles and says, “Yes. Also, lately, a lot of the people I have a crush on have been getting married.”

Later, the girl that Jinwoon has a crush on has been revealed and it was Park Soo Jin. He reveals that he has liked her since elementary, in which Park Soo Jin was still a member of the idol girl group Sugar.

Recently, the news of Park Soo Jin and Bae Yong Joon getting married this year have shocked the whole Korean entertainment as well the fans.


Lady Jane then reveals, “When the news about her wedding came, you were heartbroken and depressed. I saw it since I was sitting next to you.”

Jinwoon laughs and responds, “It is such a shame.” “I wish her happiness,” Jinwoon continues.