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2AM maknae Jinwoon reveals his thoughts on the group’s possible disbandment in a recent interview.

When asked if the 2AM members talked about staying together at the same agency when their contracts expired, Jinwoon shares, “We talked about it. However, all of our music preferences were so different that we naturally moved to different labels. We have never said it out loud, but we are all probably thinking that there would be no agency that would fulfill all of our musical preferences.”

With regards to disbandment, Jinwoon explains, “Since we are a vocal group, for as long as there is music, I think that we could always release an album.”

Jinwoon was also asked as what he usually talks with the other 2AM members when they meet up, to which he reveals, “We just drink and have a great time. Most of our discussions are about the girls that we are into these days. We do not really talk about the serious things when we have not seen each other for a long time. We would just play and tell fun stories. I get to see Seulong a lot that I am about to get sick of his face. However, I do not see Jo Kwon and Changmin that often since they are so busy.”

With regards to their comeback album plans, Jiwoon shares, “Since there are no conflicts among the members, we talk about that quite often. I wish that our companies would quickly pull out all of the stops to get the ball rolling. 2AM could only release an album depending on our agencies. We do not have any specific plans right now, so it is just sort of up in the air.”

Meanwhile, 2AM has recently celebrated their 8th year anniversary.