Home » Sohyun talks about acting and life following 4Minute’s disbandment

Former 4Minute member Sohyun shared her thoughts on her acting goals and her career after the disbandment of the girl group.

On her recent interview and photo shoot with bnt International, Sohyun shared, “The most difficult part about working alone was making choices on my own and being responsible for them. Since I have always been in a group, that was the biggest change for me. Right now, I have to make choices alone and go forward, but I have mixed feelings.”

With regards to her upcoming traveling variety show, she stated, “When I heard about the offer, I felt that it would let me show everyone my genuine thoughts before starting my new journey in life. It is not the usual variety show, which is why I chose the program.”

When asked about the seven-year jinx for idol groups, Sohyun commented, “Everyone has different thoughts and there is also the issue of the agency. Although it is okay for everyone to make choices that will benefit themselves, it is still sad. I was also like that. Unlike in the past, when I put the group before myself, I started to think more about myself than the group. What hurt me the most was that thinking about my needs was not wrong.”

Sohyun then picked actress Ha Ji Won as her role model in acting by saying, “When I get older and have more experience, I want to be an actress like Ha Ji Won who is skilled in action. I liked her ever since I was young and want to do everything like her – from action to romantic comedies.”