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S.E.S members shared their thoughts about their comeback and 20th anniversary.

On December 30, members of the first generation girl group, S.E.S revealed their thoughts about their reunion for their 20th-anniversary concert and comeback in a press conference.

Eugene shared, “It has been a very long time since we have all stood on stage since our concert in 1998. I am having fun and very touched. I have dreamed of meeting my fans after we disbanded and it is very meaningful to me. I feel overwhelmed whenever I think about seeing my fans fill up the concert venue. I am looking forward to the concert.”

She added, “I really did not want to cry today.”

“It is a ‘Dreams Come True’ that S.E.S had come together once again. I thank all of the fans who have waited for us. Let us all be happy together,” Bada commented. She also shared, “I have cried a lot of times in the waiting room today. Tears came to my eyes after I saw the color purple,” referring to the group’s fan club color.

Shoo then revealed, “I have felt that time is precious after I raising my children. I was really glad that I worked with the members again. I think that a lot of people were happy when they heard that we were making our comeback once again.”

Meanwhile, the group has recently made their comeback with the digital single, “Love[story]” as part of SM Entertainment’s SM Station. They are also set to release a comeback album on January of 2017.

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