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Super Junior member Sungmin revealed his thoughts about his military life, future plans and seeing his wife once again following military discharge.

On December 30, the Super Junior member finished his mandatory military service and chatted with the members of the press.

When asked about his military life and what he wants to do after, Sungmin shared, “First of all, I would like to eat delicious food. The food in the army was great as well. However, I would like to have some warm, cooked rice. It will also be my birthday soon, and I would like to have some seaweed soup.”

The male star was then asked about his future, to this, Sungmin revealed, “After I greet my fans, I plan to see my family. My wife is hiding in our secret hideaway place. We actually have a secret place just for the two of us. It really makes me happy whenever I think about starting my newlywed life.”

“Thinking about promoting and seeing my fans again makes me excited. It also occurs to me that I should always do my best,” he added.

Meanwhile, Sungmin enlisted for his military service back in March 31, 2015, just a few days after fellow member Shindong’s mandatory military enlistment.

Prior to his enlistment, Sungmin married musical actress Kim Sa Eun in a private wedding last December of 2014.

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