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JYJ member Jaejoong talked about his military life and adjustments following military discharge.

On a recent “V” app broadcast, Jaejoong greeted his fans while he was on his way to a fan signing event.

The JYJ member admitted that he felt awkward to comeback to his celebrity life and apply makeup once again following his mandatory military service.

He shared, “What do you call it? Eyeliner? Having makeup again after two years feels really awkward. During my time in the army, I only had camouflage cream. However, here I am once again with makeup. I am not used to it, so I was planning to only wear BB cream for the event today.”

Regarding his military life, Jaejoong addresses rumors that he had it easy in the army. He stated, “Some people look at me and think that I had it easy. However, I really did try my best. Since I enlisted a bit late than most of the people, I felt a huge responsibility to do my best. I could proudly say that I am the only Special Class Soldier in my team.”

With regards to his diet, he shared, “While everyone was eating ramyeon, I did not. I actually lost 14 kilograms. With my diet, I lost body weight but was able to maintain my face. I think that I aged less during those two years. Right now, I weigh around 65 kilograms.”

Meanwhile, Jaejoong has been discharged from his military service last December 30.


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