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The members of BIGBANG shared how their leader G-Dragon is actually like when it comes to dating.

On the recent broadcast of MBC’s “Radio Star,” BIGBANG shared their nervousness before coming on the show by saying,Yang Hyun Suk said that he would come along with us and protect us from Kim Gura.” While the YG Entertainment CEO did not join them on the show, the members of the group did not hesitate to share stories about each other.

When the topic turned to G-Dragon’s love life, Taeyang then shared, “A lot of people might have thought that G-Dragon would be perfect when it comes to dating. However, he is actually good only at playing games.”

“When he gave me advice, my relationship with my girlfriend got worse,” Taeyang added.

G-Dragon then defended himself, saying that it only happened since he gave an advice coming from a position where he is on Taeyang’s side. To this, Seungri then commented that although G-Dragon is great coaching, he is not so good with his own relationships.

Seungri then added, “BIGBANG’s sad songs are coming from G-Dragon’s failed relationships,” causing everyone to burst into laughter.

Previously, G-Dragon has been rumored to be dating Japanese actresses Kiko Mizuhara and later, Nana Komatsu.

Meanwhile, BIGBANG has recently made their comeback with the full-length album, “MADE” along with the tracks, “Fxxk It” and “Last Dance.”

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