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Solo artist NS Yoon-G talks about her boyfriend producer and lyricist Chancellor and her friendship with Rainbow leader Jaekyung.

On her recent interview and photo shoot with bnt International, NS Yoon-G talked about her close friendship with Jaekyung by saying, Jaekyung and I have been friends for over 8 years. I was worried before that we might have issues. However, we have each learned about each other through the struggles and we have never fought each other.”

The female singer then talked about her brother, saying, “We have been close ever since we were young. We even go to clubs together. If I go alone, my parents might worry about me. However, when I go with him, they do not worry about me.”

“Probably one of the reasons why Jaekyung and I easily became close was because she was also close to her brother as well. The four of us would go clubbing, bowling and drinking,” she added.

With regards to her recent dating news with Duble Sidekick’s Chancellor, NS Yoon-G commented, “I am not young. I have always been dating.” She further explained that her boyfriend’s charm point was his seriousness.

In November of 2016, NS Yoon-G and Chancellor’s sides have confirmed their dating reports and revealed that they have been together for 2 years. It was reported that the couple became close to each other as they were exchanging thoughts about music. It is also known that Chancellor wrote the lyrics for NS Yoon-G’s “Wifey.”

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