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FNC Entertainment founder and CEO, Han Seong Ho, revealed his thoughts about the agency’s recent controversies.

This year, the company has been hit with scandals, such as AOA’s Jimin and Seolhyun being criticized for not being able to identify a famous historical figure, CNBLUE’s Yonghwa and Jonghyun being investigated for insider trading and Lee Se Young’s sexual harassment controversy on “SNL Korea.”

During the interview, Han Seong Ho commented, “It was hard for me but it was more difficult for all of them. Even so, I thought that this would become a time that we would be thankful for in the future.”

“I hoped that it would make me a better and experienced leader and be able to contribute to making my artists and staff better. The more you try to isolate yourself from germs, the sicker you would become. I think of this year as a vaccine that will enable FNC Entertainment to keep going for the next 10 years,” he shared.

The CEO also added, “Lee Se Young’s scandal happened not long after she joined the agency. She came to me crying and apologized. She admitted her wrong and is currently taking a hiatus. Instead of being apologetic to me, I want her to think that it is a relief that we are here for her. When she takes some time to mature, she will have to restart.”

With regards to their plans for 2017, the FNC Entertainment founder shared, “We are planning to debut new artists. AOA will start off 2017 with their first studio album. We have also settled with which artists will be making their comebacks in the first half of the year. We are also planning to step up our drama production.”

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