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Girls’ Generation leader Taeyeon talks about the public’s expectation for her music.

On the singer’s recent interview, she talked about music rankings by saying, “I do not really obsess over music rankings. I am just having a conversation with my fans through my music. It is a bit hard to say that I have failed or succeeded based solely on rankings. I feel the happiest whenever I get to receive praise about my music. When I continuously received positive feedback, I get a bit nervous. However, it does give me the confidence to release good music.”

Taeyeon also added, “There are a lot of genres in this world. I believe that I will be okay if I show a variety of different things. Whenever I release music, there will always be people who would like it and people that do not like it since people have different tastes in music. As I release music at the right time with the right feel, I would like to satisfy each listener slowly.”

The Girls’ Generation member then thanked her fans for their support and expressed her affection. “When I sincerely stand on stage or sing, it gets communicated to the fans,” she added.

Aside from her promotions with Girls’ Generation, Taeyeon is also known for her solo songs, “I,” “Rain,” “Starlight,” and “Why.” She has also recently released her digital single, “11:11” on November 1.


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