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Actor Go Kyung Pyo reveals the reason why he wants to go to SBS’ “Running Man.”

On the actor’s recent interview, the actor was asked if he wanted to appear on any variety show. Go Kyung Pyo shared, “It will be great to go on variety shows. However, I have no talent. I think that variety shows and ‘SNL Korea’ have a different personality. When I appeared on ‘SNL Korea,’ it was just like a performance. You would have to plan it out and practice. So, I thought of it more like a performance than a variety show.”

The actor then continued, “I am no fun on variety shows. I am awkward, and I lack overall experience, so I really do not have much to say. I also get nervous, and it is difficult. That is why I think that people who do variety shows are great.”

“So far, I have been on ‘Happy Together,’ ‘Strong Heart,’ ‘Infinity Challenge,’ and more. However, I have never been to ‘Running Man.’ In the show, you just complete a mission, run and participate. However, I have never been contacted. Jo Jung Suk hyung recently went there, so I was jealous,” Go Kyung Pyo added.

When asked about who he wants to go to ‘Running Man’ with, he named Joo Won, Shin Joo Hwan, and Min Jin Woong and said, “I think that it will be great to go on the show with them since I have personal relations with them. Also, I know Yoo Jae Suk hyung and go to the same fitness gym with Kim Jong Kook hyung, so I would really want to go on the show.”


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