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VICTON leader Seungwoo reveals his thoughts about following the career footsteps of his older sister former SECRET member Sunhwa.

During the rookie idol’s interview with Joy News, he shared, “People say that we look alike.”

Seungwoo then added, “She is my older sister. However, she often feels more just like a co-worker whenever she gives me advice. She is not protective just because I am her brother, rather, she is cold and straightforward with her criticism. Noona also monitors for me and gives me a lot of good advice.”

When asked for his thoughts about following the footsteps of Sunhwa in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, he shared, “I used to sing along whenever I saw my sister singing, and it did have an influence on me. Honestly, my parents were worried about me becoming an idol since it would mean that I will have to go through what my noona experienced. There were great things. However, there were also a lot of tiring and tough phases. I want to succeed and fulfill acts of filial piety quickly.”

Fans were also able to remember Seungwoo when he appeared with Sunhwa in a broadcast of “Invincible Youth” last 2010 where he got attention for his looks despite only being in high school.

Meanwhile, Seungwoo has recently made his debut with the boy group VICTON as the leader under Plan A Entertainment. The group made their debut on November 9 with the mini-album “VOICE TO THE NEW WORLD.”


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