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Actor Ji Chang Wook revealed his thoughts about dating and ideal type.

During his recent interview with MBN, the actor, who recently made a guest appearance on MBC’s “We Got Married” in support for his close friend actor Choi Tae Joon shared his thoughts about joining the program.

Ji Chang Wook revealed, “I asked Tae Joon lots of questions. I asked him, ‘Does it really feel like marriage?’ ‘Do your feelings tend to get real?’ ‘Do you have a script?’ or ‘Do you two really date?’ and much more. However, it is only curiosity. If they would really tell me to do it, then I will have to show myself in a raw way. I am too timid and also embarrassed to do that. I do not think that I can go to the show permanently.”

When asked about dating, the actor commented, “I have always considered it. However, I am too busy. Also, I have to enlist in the military soon. If I ever date and the news breaks, I leave for the military and think that I will be bad for my partner. So, I think that dating would be tough this time.”

With regards to his ideal type, Ji Chang Wook revealed, “It would be a lie if I say that I do not consider looks. You will have to be physically attracted in order to start a conversation. However, physical aspects are only in the short run. The most important thing is to relate and be able to communicate well. I like someone who is fun to be around with.”

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