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T-ARA share their thoughts about reaching the age of 30 and the groups who promoted with them but are no longer around.

During their recent interview in promotions for their upcoming comeback, the girls sat down for a chat.

With regards to entering their 30s, the group commented, “We do not feel any age gaps between us. Other than Jiyeon, we are all more or less a year apart. We do not feel pressured about entering our 30s. It does not really strike us that we are near our 30s since we live in a group rather than living alone.”

T-ARA then gave their thoughts about the groups who used to promote alongside them by saying, “A lot of the groups who were active with us are no longer around. Whenever we see our hoobaes on TV, it feels like we are watching celebrities.”

Soyeon then added, “It is disappointing that we could not see the teams who have made their debut around the same time as us any more or it is hard to see them get together. It would have been great if we could all stay together for a long time. However, it could not be helped since it has to do with individual situations. In heart, we probably all want to be together.”

Meanwhile, T-ARA is gearing up for the release of their new mini-album, “Remember” along with the lead single, “TIAMO.”

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