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Actor Park Bo Gum revealed his thoughts about being dubbed as the “Fairy of Endings.”

During the actor’s interview with media outlet Yonhap News, he discussed his new title which he earned for his acting during episode cliffhangers at his recently ended drama, “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.” Park Bo Gum shared, “I did not feel burdened at all,” with a laugh.

He added, “The viewership ratings would always rise during endings which is why I felt good about it.”

Park Bo Gum then revealed, “When I get to receive the script, I always think to myself, ‘What kind of ending would it be today?’ Then, I get curious, nervous and excited all at the same time. However, these cool scenes would need to be acted out sincerely. So, I put in a lot of effort on them.”

When asked about his experience at singing for one of the drama’s original soundtrack, the actor commented, “I still find it fascination. I like seeing my name on the album cover. It is something which I have always wanted to do, and it came true.”

He then clarified the rumors about him being an idol trainee by saying, “Before I made my debut as an actor, I have dreamed of becoming a singer and went on auditions. I have always loved music. However, unlike what many people misunderstand, I did not become a trainee. I was never a trainee.”

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