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Actor Ryu Jun Yeol shares his reaction to comments about his looks.

On the actor’s recent interview with Ilgan Sports, Ryu Jun Yeol shared, “Some people say that I act out ugliness. To be honest, it does not make me feel bad at all since I love my looks. My physical appearance may not be handsome nor do I stand out, but I am common and normal.”

The actor also added, “There are even times when those aspects of my appearance come in handy when I act. I do not have any complaints with regards to my looks. I liked that they feature me on ‘Infinite Challenge’ as well,” referring to the show’s “Meet My Ugly Friend” special episode.

When asked if he gets concerned for the characters that he plays, Ryu Jun Yeol responded, “If I think about those kinds of things, then it ends up having an adverse side effect.”

He continued, “One’s physical appearance is definitely important, and it would be good if you are handsome. But, there are also things like the overall vibe which comes out of that character or person. Also, looks are not something which could be changed just because you want to change them.”

Meanwhile, Ryu Jun Yeol is known for his roles in the films, “One Way Trip,” “Socialphobia” and “Canola.”

The actor recently gained popularity and recognition for his role in the hit drama, “Reply 1988.” His latest drama was “Lucky Romance” which he starred with actress Hwang Jung Eum.

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