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Solo artist Se7en discusses his recent comeback and the public’s reaction to his album following his massage parlor controversy.

On Se7en’s recent interview with media outlet TV Daily, he expressed his satisfaction with his comeback album by saying, “I am satisfied with the result since I put a lot of effort and work into the album… It has a lot of meaning to me. The album was the first that I did by myself so I was able to do everything I wanted to and expressed myself.”

When asked about the public’s cold reaction to his comeback album, Se7en commented, “It is not like I did not see it happening. I did not expect to satisfy everyone with my first comeback album. Since I expected it at some point, I am less hurt.”

“It is not easy to change the people’s minds in one go. This is just the start, and I hope that I could get there step by step. That is my goal. At least in this promotion, I appeared on talk shows and got on stage. Not many people, but some people are reconsidering me and that I am thankful. I think that if I continue this way, things will change little by little,” he added.

Se7en also revealed, “I could not be too active on broadcasting. However, I am trying to do it a little bit in an appropriate amount. Happy Together’ was filmed three weeks before my comeback, so I think that I got nervous, especially since it was my first time to be back on the air. I am selective with the shows to appear on since I could not be on the ones that are too aggressive.”