Home » Jung Joon Young drops out from “2 Days and 1 Night” and “Mr. Baek: The Homemade Food Master” following sexual harassment controversy

Solo artist Jung Joon Young drops out from the two variety programs, including tvN’s “2 Days and 1 Night” and KBS’ “Mr. Baek: The Homemade Food Master.”

Following the reports about his alleged sexual harassment controversy, Jung Joon Young has decided to withdraw from the variety shows which he currently appears on.

The production crew of “2 Days and 1 Night” commented, “It is very regrettable that Jung Joon Young’s unfavorable controversy has given the viewers discomfort and worry.”

“After discussing with Jung Joon Young, it has been decided that he would be leaving the show for a time of self-reflection. He also expresses his sincere apology to all of the ‘2 Days and 1 Night’ workmates as well as all the viewers of the show who has given him so much love,” they added.

The production crew also revealed, “The program will continue to record with the remaining members beginning on September 30. We plan to view things once more following the results of the police investigation. For the actual recordings, there will be footages of Jung Joon Young since he interacted with the rural village folk.”

Meanwhile, the production crew of “Mr. Baek: The Homemade Food Master,” has revealed, “After evaluation, the production staff has decided to respect Jung Joon Young’s request for a time of self-reflection.”

The program has also revealed that Jung Joon Young would not be joining the rest of the cast for filming next week and that he may appear for two weeks in the program since they have already filmed the episodes before the controversy.