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Members of the group Crayon Pop reveal their thoughts about their long-awaited comeback and goals.

On the recent showcase of Crayon Pop’s first studio album, the members talk about taking off their helmets since their “Bar Bar Bar” era.

Crayon Pop reveals, “It has been two years since we have removed our helmets. Since there are so many people who showed us love, they remember us by our helmets. It is our goal to be loved without our helmets.”

They also share, “Every time we discuss our concepts, we tend to put forth lots of suggestions. We participated a lot more in the concept developing process for this album.”

“Wearing bell bottoms was an idea which we suggested a year ago. However, it was a more fitting with this concept. We have also designed the album cover as well as the new team logo,” Crayon Pop adds.

With regards to their comeback with their first full-length album, the group reveals, “Since it is our first full-length album, every member took care to participate in the production process. It is also our comeback after a year and six months. Please look forward to it.”

Meanwhile, Crayon Pop is set to release their comeback album on September 26 along with the title track, “DooDoomChit.” The group made their debut in 2012 and is known for their songs, “Bar Bar Bar,” “Lonely Christmas,” “Uh-ee,” “FM” and “Sup (Wassup).”
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