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Girls’ Generation member Hyoyeon opens up about her trainee days at SM Entertainment.

During the recent broadcast of Mnet’s dance battle program, “Hit the Stage,” the show prepared stages with the concept “The Fight.”

In line with this concept, Hyoyeon relates the concept to her personal experience when she was still a trainee at SM Entertainment. She shares, “I fought a lot with myself.”

Hyoyeon also adds, “When I got into SM Entertainment as a trainee, there were weekly and monthly evaluations. It was a time for us trainees to choose how to show off our appeal. Although the other trainees were my friends, there were also my rivals as well.”


The Girls’ Generation member also reveals, “Even after I debuted, there were a lot of things which I had to do and a lot of things which I had to be conscious about. There were also difficult times. However, I was able to forget about my struggles whenever I danced.”

Meanwhile, aside from her promotions with Girls’ Generation, Hyoyeon is also known for appearing on the dance shows such as “Dancing with the Stars 2,” and “Dancing 9.” She is also known for being a member of the dance group, Little Winners along with miss A’s Min.

Take a look at Hyoyeon’s performance with mixXhoney for the concept, “The Fight” below!

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