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Woollim Entertainment releases an official statement after the netizens who spread malicious rumors about LovelyzJisoo were found not guilty.

Previously, rumors have circulated online that Jisoo has sexually assaulted and have sent nude photos of at least one girl at her school. Following the spread of rumors, Jisoo was unable to join Lovelyz during their promotions for their debut. Two netizens who started the rumor were arrested and fined. However, netizen “A” conspired with “B” and “C” and have spread rumors about Jisoo once again.

The management label filed defamation lawsuits against the three netizens who spread rumors about Jisoo back in 2015. However, the three individuals were found not guilty of defamation and were acquitted in the case due to lack of evidence.

In response to the court’s decision, the label releases an official statement which states, “Back then, we have settled with the defendants, who were minors, through monetary fines in their favor. However, after that, they once again spread rumors online in order to slander Jisoo.”

Woollim Entertainment also reveals, “The prosecutor who acquitted the three individuals who spread rumors and defamed Jisoo on July 15 is unjust. We have submitted an appeal to Seoul Northern District Prosecutor’s Office.”

They also add, “The non-indictment because of the lack of evidence would obviously harm Jisoo’ life. As such, we will not yield to lies. We plan to take strong action in order to reveal the truth which has been hidden.”

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