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Wanna.B member Linah reveals that her younger sister, Girl’s Day’s Minah, initially opposed her dreams of becoming a girl group member.

On an interview with Sports Chosun, Linah reveals her thoughts if she ever felt overwhelmed by the attention as Minah’s older sister. She shares, “It would be a lie a lie if I would say that I am not overwhelmed. However, I am doing my best not to become a shame to Minah.”

She also reveals, “Honestly, Minah stopped me first from debuting in a girl group since she knows how difficult it is to go far. However, when I debuted, she encouraged me by saying that she trusted me and told me to do my best. It was really touching.”

Linah also shares how they often get in fights by saying, “Minah and I fight a lot over clothes. Minah calls me and cries whenever I wear hers. I also do the same when she wears mine, and I keep on calling her until she comes back home. Minah would then come back while crying and eventually returns my clothes back to me. She is really nice. A lot of people often say that we are just like Deok Sun and Bora from the drama ‘Reply 1988.’”

Meanwhile, Bang Hyuna has recently made her debut with the girl group Wanna.B under the stage name Linah for their new single “Why.”


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