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F.T. Island front man Lee Hongki reveals that he wants to focus on music right now instead of acting.

On F.T. Island’s recent interview in promotion of their sixth full-length album, “Where’s the Truth,” member Lee Hongki reveals his thoughts about acting.

He says, “I want to focus on music right now. I have started to write songs since last year, and I would not step out of the production room since I was so into it. It seems like my interest scale has tipped towards music right now.”

Hongki also adds, “For this reason, I chose to do a musical instead of simply acting. At the end of August, I will be performing in a musical which is inspired by singer Kim Kwang Suk. The schedule of the musical overlaps with the promotions of this album. However, I am going to give it my best despite the tight schedule.”

His F.T. Island co-members also gave him support by saying, “He has always been able to do so. So we trust and believe that he would do a great job.”

Jonghun then shares which projects does the other members want to do by saying, “The members are going to start acting as well. In fact, one member has already finished filming his web drama. I do not know about the other members, but I only want to appear on variety shows.”

Hongki is known for his roles in the dramas “Modern Farmer,” “Bride of the Century,” “You’re Beautiful” and “Muscle Girl!

Meanwhile, the band recently made their comeback with the new album “Where’s the Truth” on July 18.