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SISTAR members Soyou and Dasom reveal their struggles as girl group members.

On the recent broadcast of the SBS show “Have You Eaten?” the two SISTAR members appeared as special guests where they talk about their hardships about being an idol.

When they were asked about what troubles them the most about being a girl group member for the last seven years, Soyou and Dasom revealed their thoughts.

Dasom shares, “I have so many worries about how to be happy.”

She adds, “Any girl group member could probably be able to relate. Even though I could be satisfied with how I am living now, it seems like I have to be chasing something. It is so hard to ease the greed of trying not be forgotten or trying to shine among the other people. I could only be comfortable when I can let go of that greed. However, it is not easy.”

Soyou and DasomSoyou then reveals, “I read all the malicious comments about me, and there were many bad ones like those who say that I look like a bad person. I do not have to read if I don’t like them. However, it was difficult to let go of them.”

After hearing their thoughts, Kim Soo Ro then advises them by saying, “For a celebrity, not being able to let go of those things could damage you.”

Meanwhile, girl group SISTAR has recently made their comeback with the song “I Like That” from their fourth EP “Insane Love.”


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