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Wanna.B’s Linah reveals her thoughts on her younger sister Girl’s Day member Minah.

On the recent interview of Wanna.B, Linah reveals, “Minah supports me physically and mentally. We are not very affectionate sisters, so we casually care for each other saying, ‘I picked this up on the way.’ Just like for lipstick, we would just say, ‘I thought that it would look good on you which is why I bought it’ and then we give it to each other. She always gives me great advice and cheers me on. However, she also said that if we meet at music shows, I need to greet her as a sunbae (senior).”

When asked about her thoughts at greeting Minah as a sunbae despite being the older sister, she explains, “I have not met up with my sister while I am working yet. However, if I do, I think that I should really greet her as sunbae.”

Linah was then asked about what she would feel if Minah would watch her perform, to which she reveals, “I do not think that I would cry. I would probably be more nervous. I remember back then when Minah made her debut, my mom and I watched her while holding our breaths. And, every time that she had high notes, I was scared that she might make a mistake.”

She also sends a message to Minah saying, “Minah, you have worked hard up until now, supporting your sister, so just wait. I will catch up to you. Stay alert, sunbaenim!”