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C-JeS Entertainment responds to the sexual assault controversy of JYJ member Yoochun.

Recently, an employee at an adult entertainment establishment identified as Ms. Lee has been reported to have submitted a complaint to the police claiming that Yoochun had sexually assaulted her.

Ms. Lee further claims that she had turned Yoochun down at a bathroom in a bar at Gangnam, but the celebrity proceeded to assault her sexually. According to reports, the incident happened back on June 4, a week later, Ms. Lee reported the said incident to the police.

With regards to the accusations, Yoochun’s management agency C-Jes Entertainment reveals:

“We give our stance with regards to the current reports about the claims against Yoochun. The accusation of the opposite party is merely a one-sided claim based on falsities. This will be revealed as much through the police investigation.

We will not make a settlement with a malicious blackmail which was done to guarantee the tarnishing of a person’s image. We assure you that he will cooperate with the investigation from this point in order to reveal the truth. Moreover, we have yet to learn the truth of this accusation from the police’s side.

Additionally, we ask that you would refrain from brash speculations or reports with no confirmed facts until the investigation is complete since the reports of the accusation themselves are causing more defamation on Yoochun.”


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