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F.T. Island members Lee Hong Ki and Lee Jae Jin teases their fans about their upcoming album in celebration of their 9th anniversary since their debut.

On the recent broadcast of ‘V’ app, Lee Jae Jin shares that the other members are sending him messages asking him to thank the fans for them.

Lee Jae Jin then says, “The members are watching now, everyone! We are going to keep on working hard.”

He also adds, “If it is true that FT Island received love from the fans at the start because of love, despite our lack of skill, I think that now we are finding our own path. We have so much which we want to show you.”

Lee Hong Ki then joins Lee Jae Jin and reveals that their upcoming album is in its final stages and that they only have one more day of recording left.

FT Island

Lee Hong Ki then shares, “If you thought that we were powerful in our previous album, ‘I Will,’ this time, we will both be polished and powerful. We have also tried out new genres.”

He also reveals, “I feel like I was about to die when we were recording the song which Lee Jae Jin wrote.” Lee Hong Ki also goes to reveal that all the songs in their upcoming album were written by the members themselves just like their previous album “I Will.”

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