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R&B artist DEAN talks about his popularity and the artist whom he wants to work with.

On the June 3 broadcast of “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook,” DEAN appears as a special guest where he talks about his popularity and the singe he would like to collaborate.

With regards to his popularity, he reveals, “These days, more people are starting to know me. On my flight to the United States, the person who sat next to me was watching the broadcast of my previous ‘Sketchbook’ appearance which was aired in January.”

Aside from being a singer, he is also a producer who admitted that he gets more requests to compose songs.

MC Yoo Hee Yeol then asks DEAN about the mass appeal of his songs in Korea, to which he replies, “I do not really know what mass appeal is. I only think that if I do the kind of music which I like, then, like-minded people would love it.”


When asked about the artist collaborate with, DEAN replies, “IU.” He later explains, “When an elephant does tricks with its trunk, people are enjoying it, right? However, that is not the elephant’s design.”

The singer also reveals that he has a song written for IU. He sends a message to her by saying, “I could not show you on TV, so please contact me.”

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