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On the recent interview with media outlet News1Star, “Produce 101” contestant Kim So Hee talks about B1A4’s Jinyoung as a producer, her ideal type and which variety shows would she like to join.

With regards to her ideal type, Kim So Hee reveals, “My ideal type is Kang Ha Neul. I really like someone who has great professionalism. I thought that he was very cool after seeing him on ‘Radio Star.’ I also heard that he is kind and modest.”

She also reveals, “I have searched him on the internet, and he is born in the earlier months. I think that we are meant to be because I was involved in a controversy about my early birthday. I became interested in him even more after finding that out.”

The “Produce 101” contestant also talks about B1A4’s Jinyoung who became a producer for the show. Kim So Hye reveals, “He is a senior who is capable of both singing and producing. He is very professional during recordings. I heard that he also produces for B1A4 and is careful with directing so that he would not offend his members. I admire him for being professional.”

She also reveals which variety she would like to appear on by saying, “I would like to appear on ‘Running Man.’ I ran track when I was in school. I am confident about running. I would also like to appear on ‘Radio Star’ since I am curious about how I will handle the tough questions.”

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