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Topp Dogg members Kidoh and Gohn revealed to be leaving the group.

Their management agency reveals:

“Since the merge of Stardom Entertainment and Hunus Entertainment, our team has been working hard on improving the organization to gain new possibilities for our artists. We hope that fans would be able to see this progress, starting with the current comeback promotions and activities.”

However, before that, we have to deliver some sad news to the fans. Kidoh and Gohn have decided to go on their separate ways and would be departing the group. In order to respect their wishes, our company has canceled their future activities with the group. Though it is sad for us who have seen the development of Kidoh and Gohn as artists, we believe that they should follow their hearts and minds. We look forward to see where their musical abilities would take them in the future.”

“Gohn has discussed with us that he wishes to stop the music activities in order to enlist for his obligatory military service. Due to the process of enlistment, he could not participate in the making of the comeback album. After his service, if the station allows, he plans to pursue his own musical career.”

“Kidoh would not be involved with the activities, but has participated as a producer on Topp Dogg’s new album. Recent work has created opportunities for him to travel abroad. He personally wishes to go in a new direction.”

The agency also thanks the fans for their support for Topp Dogg and apologized on the delay of the notice of the departure of Kidoh and Gohn.

Meanwhile, Topp Dogg has released their MV teaser for “Emotion.”

Watch it below!