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Mixed martial arts fighter Kim Dong Hyun apologizes for EXO Xiumin’s knee injury at MBC’s “Idol Star Athletics Championships.”

Previously, Xiumin has been reported to have sustained a knee injury during the futsal match and was given a preliminary examination by the medical team on the set of the show. He then went to a hospital in order to have a more thorough examination. Apparently, the EXO member and Kim Dong Hyun accidentally bumped into each other during the match.

Kim Dong Hyun then wrote an apology through his Instagram account to Xiumin and to the production crew of the show following the accident.

Kim Dong Hyun writes, “On the futsal match during the ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships,’ I had an unintentional accident with EXO member Xiumin. I was worried that he might have been severely injured. Thankfully they say that there has been no harm to his bones, which is why I am relieved. I sincerely hope that he recovers quickly and that it would not cause any large issues regarding his schedule. I am also apologetic to the production crew of ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships.’”

SM Entertainment reveals that Xiumin is currently wearing a soft cast in order to protect his injury. He has also received a diagnosis that there is nothing wrong with his knee but has suffered a bruise.

Meanwhile, the show, “Idol Star Athletics Championships” is still receiving criticisms regarding the injuries which idols receive every year.


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