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ZE:A member Dongjun injures his knee while undergoing training on “Real Men.”

On the latest broadcast of “Real Men,” ZE:A’s Dongjun was filled with tears and pain as he was seen struggling to complete the training because of his injured knee.

When the training was over, the naval surgeon recommended that Dongjun should rest in order to preserve his knee.

The surgeon reveals, “If you want to keep your knee, it would be best that you take a rest now.”

The squadron leader also tells Donjun, “It is not that we do not understand how you feel. However, if you want to continue in the long-run, you should take a rest now.”

On his interview, Donjun started to get teary-eyed after being told by the surgeon of his diagnosis. The ZE:A member then reveals, “It felt as if the sky was falling. If I gave up in here, then it would feel as though that I would be giving up on something that I had to do. I don’t want to give up on anything anymore.”

Meanwhile, ZE:A Dongjun joined “Real Men” since October of last year in the marine division instead of the usual infantry division. It is said that the marine training is harder compared to the other units of the military forces.

Watch Donjun’s ‘Mad Swimming training’ below!

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