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Boy group 100% reveal their thoughts about their two-year hiatus.

During their recent interview with News 1, the members of the group reveal their thoughts on their long hiatus.

Jonghwan revealed, “I think that it was a time for all of us to come closer together. It also allowed us to become brighter. In my case, I have definitely become brighter.”

“During our hiatus, we went traveling together. We had a great relationship in the past, but now it is a bit different. Surviving together with the name 100% has become our goal because of our long hiatus. I think that we have gotten to know each other more and became even closer,” shares Minwoo.

He added, “Our hiatus was long. However, I think that we grew more stable because of it. We learned about one another’s thoughts, and our teamwork grew stronger. 100% altogether has become stronger.”

The group made their debut in September of 2012 under TOP Media, with the track, “Bad Boy.” In 2014, Minwoo enlisted for his mandatory military service while Sanghoon took some personal time off. The five members remaining then released their second EP, “Bang the Bush” along with the lead track, “Beat.” They later released the summer album, “Sunkiss” along with the tracks, “Phone” and “Summer Hero.”

The group then made their comeback on October 13, 2016, with their third EP, “Time Leap,” following their two-year hiatus.


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