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The Korean women are known for their flawless and beautiful skin, which makes them look youthful and refreshing.

However, there are many female korean idols who don’t really like to show their face without make-up as they want to protect their own image. On the other hand, there are those who are not afraid of showing their faces without any make-up on. They believe that there is nothing to be ashamed of, and besides, there are fans who would like and prefer to see their natural beauties not being concealed in any kind of make-up.

If ever you have wondered how these female idols look without any make-up and what they look like when they aren’t filming anything and just hanging out, check out their no make-up pictures below!

These female idols still look gorgeous even without any makeup:

 2ne1’s visual Im Yoonayoona-snsd1

2ne1 visual Sandara Park


‘Nation’s little sister’ Lee Ji-eun better known as IUIU

KARA’s leader and main vocal Park Gyuri


Miss A main vocal Bae Suzy


SNSD leader and main vocal Taeyeon


f(x) maknae and main vocal Chrystal Soo Jung or simply Krystal Krystal-on-me2day

4minute visual and rapper Hyunahyuna-with-new-hair-color

f(x) leader and main dancer Victoria Song Victoria

Secret leader Jun Hyosung


Bonus Picture: RARE SNSD group photo hanging out and with no make-up on~


Were you able to recognize these female idols? Do you prefer these idols with or without make-up?

Are there other female idols that you would like to add?

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